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Facilitating business expansion through

the implementation of an effective sales narrative

Commercial audit

Bring structure in to your commercial strategy

Strategic detachment

Integration and implementation

Customer retention

Continual improvement and monitoring process

Innovative approach to detaching the right sales talent

Recruitment and selection of qualified sales professionals who align with the client's needs and culture. Temporary deployment of sales experts for specific projects or peak periods. Providing interim sales managers to lead and oversee the sales department. Analyzing various sales requirements in the search for the right profile.

Operational consultancy

Analyzing the current sales processes and performance of clients to identify areas for improvement. Developing strategies to enhance sales performance, including target audience definitions, market research, and competitive analysis. Creating sales plans, setting targets, and establishing KPIs.


Providing training and coaching to sales teams and individual sales professionals to enhance their skills and performance.

Sales process optimization

Evaluating and streamlining the sales department, sales funnel, and sales process to enhance efficiency and increase conversions. Advising on and implementing measurable performance indicators, CRM systems, analytical tools, and other resources to facilitate sales management.

Sales organizational structure

Assisting in designing and establishing effective sales organizational structures based on the client's needs. Providing advice on the appropriate allocation of responsibilities and roles within the sales department, as well as reporting to management (sales performance tracking).

Strategic network management

Assisting in developing strategies for managing and expanding customer relationships, including up-selling and cross-selling. Teaching effective networking techniques.

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